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Pulp Monsters Launches Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter

With all the tensions with Russia the US has been experiencing lately, it's almost like the 80s are coming back again. Not that we're going to end up in another Cold War (hopefully... that would suck), but that's not stopping the Supremes over in Pulp City. For them, the Cold War is back on... and also on over on Kickstarter.

The fellows over at Pulp Monsters wanted to make this Kickstarter campaign simple on you, the backers. As such, there's only a couple pledge levels. You can get the Supreme Alliance team, the Red Republik team, or both teams together. Of course, if you want to go in whole-hog and work with the crew to make your own Supreme, you can do that, too.

Several of the figures will only be available during the Kickstarter (or as part of the points system on their website later or at special events, but primarily through this Kickstarter), so if you'd like to get them, make sure you pledge.

As for being worried about it not funding, that's not an issue. It's already past its funding goal with still 17 days left on the clock.