Pulp Figures preview Savage Seas Islanders

Pulp Figures have posted a preview of the Islander miniatures that they will be adding to their Savage Seas range of figures.

Savage Seas Islanders

From their announcement:

The warriors with bows are designed to complement the existing Melanesian Islander warriors. The bow was a favored missile weapon in New Guinea and the enormous island group collectively known as Melanesia-New Caledonia, Fiji and and the Solomons being some of the better know parts of the group.

The Provisional Fighters represent islanders who have been equipped by Westerners. They might be the private army of a Copra Cartel, employed by `Blackbirders’  who were forceful recruiters of plantation labor or even forces encouraged by the allies to resist the Japanese occupation.  Adding them to a shore party of merchant sailors would not be out of line either as many islanders were recruited to work as sailors in the inter-island trade.

Please let me know what you think. These will be part of the next release in a few weeks.