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Pulp Figures new releases

Pulp Figures have added several new packs of 28mm Pulp themed miniatures to their online store. Thuggee w/separate Weapons & Picks From their announcement:
Anyhow, 6 new packs are available. The Thugs are being added to shortly; two sets of rifle armed cultists for the battle scene in Gunga Din. UK, EU & Australia customers please remember to consult the optional airmail shipping rates on the very first "A Few Word' page of the Pulp Figures site. Surface rate is covered by the shopping cart but air is extra. 8+ packs ship free and if you can wait a few months it is a good deal.
  • PBT-10 Highland Light Infantry Rifles
  • PBT-11 Highland LI Special Weapons
  • PBT-20 Thuggee Stranglers
  • PBT-21 Thuggee w/separate Weapons & Picks
  • PYP-4 Sgt. Prestown's Canoe
  • PYP-5 Trapper Canoe