Pulp Figures looking for feedback

Pulp Figures is looking for some feedback on some potential new releases.

From their announcement:

Sometimes a figure just happens. I might have a few suitable bits for an easy conversion into a new character or an idea crosses my mind and a new figure is whipped up to see if the result is interesting or suggestive of a new direction. Whether or not I should then invest the time and capital to flesh it out into a full set for a pack to be released is another matter completely.  Several of these `orphan’ figs have been posted to the `What’s New’ page with a desire to hear what you, the potential customers, might think or what else you might want to see in the particularly themed sets.

The Zeppelin Support troops are very likely going ahead so let me know what more you might like to see in that set please. The others I’m not certain about so your opinions would be appreciated.