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Pulp City Update Thursday

Pulp City has another of their weekly updates for how things are going with their Kickstarter progress.


From this update:

Howdy Citiziens,

The pledge manager turn-in date is past us but we are still missing quite a few. If you got any doubts how to do it or why are you receiving reminder emails, please re-read update 82 and then if it is still not clear, please contact us at kickstarter (at)!

Remember that we keep Karol in the basement until we get all pledges sorted out.

Early next week, last of the sculpts should go for resin master casting and we will be ready for the mass production. We are all good with the miniatures. I also received the word from Q-Workshop that the dice are being packed this weekend. We almost know the final pagecount for the book, so in June we'll get final quotes for printing and reserve a production line spot. Hopefully not many companies print books in the summer!

You want pictures? OK, I am in a very voodoo modes, so here you are (Mambo we'll have some slight production adjustments):