Pulp City Rulebook now available in PDF

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 27th, 2012

Pulp City how has their rulebook available as a .pdf download from their website!

The Daily Planet ain’t got nothing on our reporting:

We’d like to welcome everyone to Pulp City with the free PDF download of the rulebook.

Pulp City is a miniature skirmish game set in modern times that has taken inspiration from the golden age of comic books all the way up to the modern comic genre. If you like unique models, low model count, interactive and engaging game play, you couldn’t ask for a better time to jump into the game.

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  • It this really news or an ad in disguise? This pdf is the same old Guide they have been giving away for ages, unless I am missing something?

  • This is NOT the old rulebook that’s been free.

    This is the updated rulebook version 2 that was released in late 2010. It wasn’t until now that you could updated rules without buying the hard copy.

    There may be an old link on the site for the old rulebook, if so, just ignore it. Apparently all the news didn’t get posted from what I submitted and it was edited or it got lost.

    Anyway, here is the direct LINK to the new updated rules:

  • Repeter

    Been slightly pushing this game for awhile, but with my rulebook the only copy Milwaukee and no one really willing to try it out. This will help out for sure.

    This is a great game with great miniatures, people. Super heroes are the bomb!!

  • Seconded. And the 2nd edition rulebook is way better than the old pdf. Rules have been trimmed down a little bit in order to speed up, clarify and simplify the game.
    The only thing you will miss with this pdf is the (short) background section. You’ll even get the rules to create custom minions.

  • LastDinosaur

    I still think that getting an agreement with one of the bigger european online retailers would do more for them than letting people download the rules. I would’ve liked to add the odd model to my regular orders every so often, but I don’t see myself placing one big order from them any time soon. :/

    • Definitely. That’s the crux of being a small publisher. Trying to get your product into the hands of the distributors and mass market. You have to ask your lgs or place you order from to support the products.

  • Thanks for the updated link. When I went to the website, the link to the old rules was still active. I’ve been wanting these rules, but the price has put me off. Plus I’m in the US. So I reverted back to playing Heroclix.

    Publishing via pdf at Wargames Vault can work as long as the pdf is not expensive. Then you have to pimp the rules at TMP and other forums to no end. This has worked well for Ganesha and others. I guess outside of Heroclix, which is major hot again, superhero gaming is at an ebb right now.