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Pulp City progress update

Pulp City gives us another update about how things are going post-Kickstarter in their latest update.

Pulp City


From the update:

Good Day, Citizens,

we are 3 days away from the FINAL pledge manager day. Most are in, thank you, some people still savor the pleasure of adding more PC stuff! What happens if you miss it? We may have a hard time delivering your order on time and Karol will have to spend more nights in our basement warehouse with limited food rations. Do you really want it? :)

Next week we finalize the production numbers and make a final call on the medium to use for some of the Powerhouses. I keep holding my thumbs for resin and I say this after almost finishing resin Amok for my collection. Yay! These things are so huge, it makes much more sense but may slow down production a bit. Producing circa 20 000 minis - there is a lot to take into account.