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Pulp City previews The Hoolgrimm artwork

Pulp City continues their march towards their Kickstarter campaign with a preview of some more artwork. This one's for The Hoolgrimm.


From the preview:

The Hooligrimm. This tough little tank is one of two Grimm Tanks to be encountered in the streets of Pulp City. He's a fighter all about putting the hurt on anyone in his way. Being a tank he's also tough enough to take what you can dish out.

The fun thing about developing the Grimm is making them work but also making them fun. We'll be looking to do a lot more amusing names for our Grimm models. We might need your help. All the Grimm you've seen are Level 1 Supremes. The Grimm Faction is shaping up to be a horde of silly and deadly little models. What's your favorite Faction so far?