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Pulp City previews Soul Golem artwork for upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Pulp City is showing off the artwork for the massive Soul Golem they hope to fund via their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

With the Kickstarter creeping ever forward I thought I'd like to talk about Powerhouses. In Supreme Edition the Powerhouse is a new way to include Level 3 Supremes. These guys are the ultimate damage dealers of any team. They have more dice at their disposal than almost any other Role in the game. Their weakness lies in a lack of AP. A Powerhouse brings no Action Points to the table so it's up to the rest of the team to fuels these monsters.

If our Kickstarter does well we will be able to sculpt new Powerhouses for each of the sub-factions. These models will really help round out all of the sub-factions and KS backers will have a chance to purchase these guys at a great price.

First up is Soul Golem! Created by Dr. Tenebrous and powered by the Necroplane soul stealing, the Soul Golem is a true nightmare to the living of Pulp City.