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Pulp City posts details about timing for upcoming Kickstarter

Pulp City has been showing off artwork for their upcoming Kickstarter. But when, exactly, is "upcoming" gonna turn into "now." Well, now we know thanks to their update.


From the update:

We at Pulp Monsters have been working hard to launch the Kickstarter that we feel is deserving of your support as fans. At this time we have chosen to delay the launch due to a couple of very important factors.

We've decided to run KS from the US and support fans from both sides of the pond with local, duty-free shipping. That means we've became dependent on the US tax regulations. Quite frankly, if the KS ended this year, the lump sum of tax would have to be paid without the actual production costs taken into the account. Additionally as some of you have pointed out the holidays are fast approaching and it’s a hard time of year to ask you to help us fund a product that won’t be on your doorsteps for several months to come.

With all of that said we do have very positive news. The Pulp City Kickstarter now has an official launch date of Thursday January 30th 2014. Our core pledge at $90 will include both of our new Starter Sets and a printed copy of the new rule book as well as a Kickstarter exclusive mini.

If we beat our funding goal we will have a number of stretch goals offering a mix of free minis and specially priced add-ons. We also have additional enhancements to the book and presentation of rules. Shipping charges will be simple with flat fees world-wide. You’ll see more at the end of January, but we thought you’d like to have a good idea what we’ll be asking, and what you’ll get in return.