Pulp City online store back in operation

Pulp Monsters have announced that the Pulp City online store is back in operation.

From their website:

The IT guy will be reconnecting all the links soon.
It’s much safer for both you and us and over the coming weeks we will be adding new features and our own, PulpMonstrous skin.

The good news for you:
– It is very safe!
– The shipping calculators got adjusted, now you can load up a lot of miniatures while still getting reasonable shipping
– It’s easier to shop by faction and subfaction
– single miniatures got cheaper and some SKUs like 6FU, Mysterious Man and Father Oak amongst other got much nicer pricing.

The news you have to live with:
– the price of the tin went up by 50% ever since we started this venture. My last casting bill caused my heart to stop for a moment. This means some prices needed to be adjusted. Also I got the raises on every possible service, starting with painting and sculpting going to webhosting. The raise on some items should not kill you though.
Most of the two-packs from now on will be 13.99 Euros, that is 6.99 per miniature by the best sculptors out there, still less or comparable to other skirmishes. It hurts the most with the heaviest items and the price hiked for these from 17.99 to 19.99.

I hope you all understand and help the game live and prosper.

I am creating a store-feedback topic in the Webstore section to gather all of your thoughts on improvements to follow. Please post them here: