Pulp City Lady Cyburn concept art

Pulp Monsters have posted the concept art for their latest Supreme, Lady Cyburn. They have also posted a photo of the first of three figures for Le Murtiple. From their website:
Not all of Heavy Metal's members are there because they want to be a part of the most recognizable Supreme trademark. Some of them are on the roster because otherwise they would be in prison. Welcome to the world of Cindy Burns, former leader of punk rock band World in Flames, 1982 February's playmate, charged with arson and murder attempt. Cindy was never right in the head. Her obsession with violence, fire and body-modding earned her the renown of the true rock rebel at the age of 17. But the real trouble started when tattoos and piercings were not enough anymore and Cindy modded her body with cybernetic parts.