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Pulp Alley Tomb of the Serpent pre-release deals from Sally 4th

Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes? Well, a lot of people like snakes and they've been a part of human culture for a very long time. Take Ancient Egypt, for example. You'll see snakes all over the place. And it's into such a tomb, decorated with all manner of snakes, that you must go in Tomb of the Serpent, a new Pulp Alley release that's available to pre-order from Sally 4th.


This is more than just a campaign, though. There's also rules for solo play, for when the rest of the group just can't show up for a game. The Tomb of the Serpent campaign deck also adds in special campaign cads for the Fortune and Reward decks, as well as Campaign Record cards and character cards for your enemies.

There's 3 pre-release deals that Sally 4th has going on, adding in terrain to help you add some 3D to your gaming experience.

Orders are being taken now with shipping to start on the 13th of October.