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Pulp Alley, now available to you

Pulp Alley now has their products available over in their online webshop. Go and have a look for yourself.

From the announcement:

The Pulp Alley team of Dave and Mila are proud to announce the release of printed copies of their fantastic rules set. Forty-four pages of pulse-pounding pulp action, with all the rules needed to bring dashing heroes, dastardly dangers, and daring escapes to the tabletop.

Along with these beautiful new copies of Pulp Alley, Dave and Mila are also releasing their printed Fortune decks. Printed on premium 310 gsm plastic coated (linen). In addition to the 45 Fortune cards and 5 Reward cards, the deck also includes two blank Rewards and two blank Fortune cards for custom perils and rewards or to act as "red herrings".