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Pulp Action Library releases Mad Dogs with Guns, new minis game set in the Roaring 20s

Pulp Action Library has released their new minis game, Mad Dogs with Guns, based on the Roaring 20s (you've all read The Great Gatsby, right?).

From the announcement:

Roderick Robertson and I, founders, owners and Capos di Tutti Capi of Pulp Action Library are happy to announce the release of "Mad Dogs With Guns", our 1920s Prohibition Era shoot 'em up rules. Mr. Capone says you should buy several copies. You know, you got a nice place here – be a shame if anything happened to it.
"Mad Dogs" uses the core mechanisms from "Astounding Tales!", but in a more structured and "realistic" way, in that Big Shots can get shot, and puny mob ‘associates' can get lucky with a cheap pistol every now and then. You can drive like a maniac, throw dynamite through your rival's window, and occasionally get beaten up by a little old lady.
It has a full set of gangland scenarios and a campaign system to run rackets in the imaginary, yet totally corrupt, city of Paradise, Illinois.
This is done in association with Copplestone Castings' "Gangsters – Mad Dogs With Guns" range of figures.
“Mad Dogs With Guns” is available from Wargames vault at $18 for the PDF version or $29 for the print copy, or $45 for one of each as a bundle. Right now only the PDF version is showing up. You get six free pages to make your mind up, because we’re swell guys.