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PT Games releases Football Bones

PT Games has released the latest in their Sports Bones line with Football Bones.

From the release:

Yes, its finally here! Football Bones. The game that Jim Barnes the creator of Statis Pro said "I like the concept you are using and all the work you put into the product...impressive."

All 32 NFL teams are represented in over 2,000 player cards. We have re-imagined and developed a new game built off the highly successful Statis Pro model. We have added weather rules, individual team penalty tables based on the season being played, and new deeper solo rules. We have made use of more statistics and data to prepare player cards that take the Statis Pro model to another level with redesigned ballhandler and quarterback cards, deep green grass graphics in the player displays and field, you can almost smell the grass. On top of that we have redesigned the system in a Base 10 system to allow for more flexibility and greater realism. Over 10 years in development and design by PT Games.

As with all PT Games sports products Football Bones include solo, head to head and league draft rules.

Football Bones Demo Game ships with Atlanta, Baltimore, New England, and San Francisco 2012-13 season.

$47.00 for the Demo Boxed Game.

$32.00 for the cardset of all 32 teams for the 2012-13 season.

Or save $17.00 and get them together for $62.00.

All game components are high-quality and durable for years of play!