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PT Games releases Basketball Bones

PT Games now has Basketball Bones available over on their website.

The printed 2011-12 Basketball Bones game is now ready to ship.
The complete game includes:

Basketball Bones ships in a sturdy box. Inside are player cards for the final four teams from the 2011-12 season on high-gloss heavy perforated cardstock, the Rare Play Boards and Buzzer Beater Chart, an 11? x 17” display all on heavy high-gloss cardstock, 8-page rulebook, tokens to mark time and possession, reproducible scoresheets, and the Bones—three six sided dice (red, white and blue) and an eight-sided die, from which you will reproduce exciting pro basketball action.

$32.00 for the complete game includes shipping in the Continental US.

The complete 2011-12 cardset is also available for purchase on high-gloss, heavy cardstock. The cards are perforated and ready to go for $55.00 per set.

A PDF version of the complete game is available for $5.00 as well as PDF download of the 2007-08 or 2011-12 complet cardset for $15.00.