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Psycho!Therapist party card game up on Kickstarter

Psycho!Therapist is a new party card game that's up on Kickstarter. In it, players draw from various decks of cards to create their patient. Then, using another set of cards, they must come up with a potential cure for their patient. Then they roll the die to see if their client is cured!
The campaign still has 27 days to go.


From the campaign:

Psycho!Therapist is a party game for 3-8 players. The players take on the role of Psycho!Therapists who are trying to cure their patients (called “clients”) who have a strange variety of problems. In some modes there is a judge (called the “Clinical Director”) who determines which player has made the best case for their treatment approach. The game contains 5 decks of cards. There is a Type Deck, a Client Deck, a Problem Deck, a Behavior Deck, and a Tools Deck. You draw one card from each of the first four decks (Type, Client, Problem & Behavior) to create the person coming to you for help.

Now that you have established your client, how will you perform Psycho!Therapy? This is where the Tools Deck comes in. Each player will have 3-5 Tools cards (depending on the game mode) to help assist with their treatment. Each TOOL card has an item and a points value. Your job as the Psycho!Therapist is to use the Tools to create some kind of remedy for the Client. You can use them to treat any aspect of the case. So in the above case, you might try to reduce their fear of germs, address the challenges or problems related to being a nun, restrict their drug use, or hinder their use of the copy machine. You might interpret their behavior in some way. You are always able to improvise your treatment and go wherever you want with it. The points value allows you to increase your odds of success. Each card you use (maximum of three) adds to the base 50% chance of success.