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Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians Up On Kickstarter

How can you really compete with a title like Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians? Listening to Devo while typing up this post also just seems incredibly appropriate as well. It's just got a bit of everything going for it. Anyway, Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians, from Ganesha Games, is a new set of 28mm miniatures as well as a rules supplement for Mutants and Death Ray Guns that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

After 200 years of war with nuclear and biochemical weapons, new races compete for supremacy over a scorched Earth. Pit your band of after-the-bomb desperadoes, mutant humanoids, sentient plants, robots, androids, hyper-evolved animals and zombie-like Wretched against the dangers of a wasted world. Face irradiated terrain, contagious diseases, aggressive life forms and malfunctioning equipment. Collect artifacts, find food, fight over scarce pools of uncontaminated water, and save your resources, because in the harsh post-apocalypse world every energy cell, every ration and every drop of water means the difference between life and death.

Have you got what it takes to survive?

The campaign is really close to its funding goal already with still 20 days left to go.