Proxy Army Games launches Proxy War Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 6th, 2013

Proxy Army Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Proxy War and their custom-designed miniatures.


From the campaign:

Proxy War is bringing tabletop gaming into the 21st century, letting gamers create fully custom models online, and then get them 3D printed in ultra-fine detail. Log onto a database of parts, select chassis, torsos, limbs, weapons, mutations, powers, and technology, and clip them together into a unit that is uniquely yours. You can also partner with our design staff to create a custom unit entirely from scratch. Our service lets you make anything you can imagine—from RPG characters to whole wargame armies.

3D printing is going to revolutionize miniature gaming—and that revolution starts now!

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  • Uhmm… This is incorrect if it is commenting 3D printing on a whole:

    Fine Detail is currently the best
    resolution material available for 3D
    printing. With better than 250 microns
    of resolution, the detail on these
    models is superior to current finecast

    If you count the nanoscribe machines that print at – you guessed it – nanolevels, the best is literally 1000 times better. After that there is the SLA method that Objet printers use that prints at 16 microns layer thickness. 250 microns is 0,25mm = 4 layers to a mm.

    It’s rather misleading imho to not clarify this. Obviously printing at 16 microns is not economically feasible for this type of custom projects at this point in time. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to omit this very fact. This is my only beef as the rest is rather cool.

    • So now they’ve subtly changed the number from 250 microns to 25 microns without making an update or making any clarification…