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Proxy Army announces upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Proxy Army is a minis company that's going to specialize in making custom-made minis to your specifications. They've announced they'll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting next month.


From the announcement:

Proxy Army is a new miniatures gaming company using 3D printing to give gamers the opportunity to fully customize and personalize their units.

Proxy Army gives you command of every part of your army. With our modeling and 3D printing process you can clip together a new model like Lego, using our extensive database to bring your visions into reality. From concept to beautiful ultra-detail model, you direct every step of the way. You can even work directly with our team of designers and get entirely original units made, giving you the power to craft an army limited only by your imagination. We've got 2 levels of miniatures; personalized and original.

When you order a personalized Proxy War model, you log onto our database of parts and grabs torsos, limbs, chassis, mutations, powers, equipment, and technology. You then clip them together to create an entirely custom model you can pose and personalize to your tastes. Personalized models can be 3D printed in any of our three materials; high detail plastic, regular reinforced plastic, and colored sandstone.

With an original Proxy War model, you partner with a three man design team: a character artist, an illustrator, and a 3D modeler. They work with you full time to go all the way from a concept to a finished high-detail prototype. We then help you share your creation with the community, putting it up on our website and giving you a percentage of the profits.

We will be coming out with a Kickstarter for Proxy Army on November 5th