Prove ownership of your minis with minichip

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Sep 18th, 2014

minichip is an easy way to prove your models are yours. It’s like chipping your pet, but for your toy soldiers.



From the campaign:

Have you ever wanted to be able to prove ownership of your models without going for the sharpie.

Minichip is a tag that can be placed inside a model like a tank or other vehicle.

A standard minichip will hold enough details to store your name, phone number, and email address.

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  • Unforgiven88

    Seems expensive for simple nfc tags,

    • DeusExMachina

      Yes it is,

      a bundle of 15x Nfc Tag Label 12x19mm are about 10 € (nearly 13 USD).
      And anyone can use them.

  • Monstyr

    A bit too pricey to do a whole army probably.
    Have a look at something like ‘Smartwater’ where a simple paintlike substance could be used and is only visible under UV light. More practical and easier to do many items.

  • BaconSlayer

    Seems like you would want to show an army that was potentially in danger of being stolen.

    Also, love the ad copy in the Kickstarter page. English skills are highly overrated…

  • The Beast Rampant

    Well, uh…at least it’s not all caps? Everyone gets a smiley for trying!

    I wouldn’t pledge this KS if this guy was offering eternal happiness, plus stretch goals.

    • BaconSlayer

      Might as well offer that, with the likelihood of it funding.

  • Soulfinger

    This is the best Kickstarter ever! I liek it an am totally gonna pledge. You guys are so mean for saying such awful things about it.