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Protagonist Games Post Information For Their IndieGoGo Campaign

Protagonist Games Post Information For Their IndieGoGo Campaign:

From their announcement:

RAWR!: The Monstrous Adventure Game is entering its final phases of production, and the guys at Protagonist Games are asking for all the help they can get.

RAWR! is a great game for gaming parents to introduce their kids to gaming. The art, by Dan Houser and Matthew Dolan, is aimed at creating a "monsters under the bed" children's story type feel that is sure to appeal to parents and kids of all ages.

Older and experienced roleplayers will also find plenty to keep them interested, as the book includes a full length campaign pitting the monsters against the dreaded Nightmare and his companions.

Perks for contributors include Limited Edition Monster Dice, embroidered dice bags, t-shirts, softcover and PDF copies of the game, and even the chance to have your own monster created and included in an adventure!

The RAWR! IndieGoGo campaign is ongoing now and ends on Christmas Eve, 2011.