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Project Z Rules Posted Up By Warlord Games

Well, Warlord Games recently posted the rules for Terminator: Genisys up online for free. As I mentioned then, I think it's great when gaming companies do something like that, as it gives people a chance to check out a system and I think it shows confidence in their product from the standpoint of the company. Well, Warlord Games is at it again, this time with their all-new zombie game, Project Z. They've posted those rules online for free as well.

The game is a new post-apocalyptic skirmish game for 1-3 players. Take on the role of a gang leader in a zombie-infested city. Fight against other survivors for what meager resources are left, all while more and more zombies are drawn to your location. Will you make it out alive, dead, or as one of the seemingly endless hordes of hungry undead?
Check out the rules now.