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Project Z Available To Pre-Order From Warlord Games

We've taken a decidedly horror-themed turn here now, as we move from ghosts to zombies. Warlord Games has begun taking pre-orders for Project Z, their new zombie skirmish miniatures game over in their webshop. Will you be among the survivors in this post-apocalyptic world? Grab your own street gang and go out there and fight some undead. They've got a bunch of different bundles and other products that you can order now.


That up there is the "get everything at once" bundle. It comes with:

Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game
Zombie Horde Expansion Set
Male Survivors Expansion Set
Biker Gang Expansion Set
Female Survivors Expansion Set
Special Operations Team Expansion Set
Feral Dogs (included free with your order)

You can also get all of those things individually. Pre-orders are happening now with shipping to start in early April.