Project Slipstream comic scenario intros

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a series of comic scenario introductions for their Project Slipstream game.

USRDF DroopShip
USRDF DroopShip

From their announcement:

As I move from core development of the overall look of Project Slipstream and start working on the rules I thought it would be fun to take a break and work on some short stories in comic form setting up some of the scenarios I will be writing for rule book. Next Week I should have another short story involving Russian heavy armor suits clearing out some Alien in the underground subway system in Moscow.

I have also gotten back more concepts for the United States Rapid Deployment Force or USRDF for short. I am working on a layout to present but am very excited about the RDF dropship so thought I would go ahead and share it now – It is scheduled to be 3d sculpted along with the Heavy Walker of the Amakudari faction – I am unsure if I will be offering a 32mm version but the 15mm version is going to be a decent sized model.