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Project-Slipstream 28mm rights for sale from Micropanzer

Micropanzer is selling the rights to their Project Slipstream minis line. You don't see this sort of thing often. So if you're interested, now's the chance.

I am interested in finding some one that can take over and produce 28mm figures based off the project slipstream artwork.

I have over 70 unique concepts I developed as my original intent was a 28mm skirmish game.

I would consider a outright buy out or some sort of royalty deal.

I have considered a kickstarter to get the ball rolling but all the sculptors I know that could stay true to IP are busy with their own kickstarter projects.

Out right buy out would allow you to take my name off project completely and everything would be included from development art to all molds made.

Royalty deal would give you complete rights to use art in publication and I would help out in any way I can. My name would stay on project as creator.
The 15mm range has concepts based off the art and I will be keeping the line going if you are interested in a royalty deal.

I there is an interested party that is just interested in the 15mm infantry figures I would consider selling that off on its own, but names would have to be changed.

Serious parties call me