Project: Kill Team needs playtesters

Kevin from TerranForge is looking for playtesters to help test the latest iteration of his 40K Kill Team rules.

From his website:

Fast forward over one year later and here I am, again, looking to improve upon this little project I undertook.  This time, however, I want to go big.  I want to make a comprehensive rule-set (not too complicated though, I want a new player to be able to come by, read through the rules and get playing immediately with very few questions).  However, there is a huge part that needs looking at and they’re the potential loop-holes or problems with the rules. 

This is why I am turning to you, From the Warp blogging community.  All I am asking is if you could take the time to read over the rules, offer suggestions, improvements, possibly playtest them with a buddy (the games are quite short, but are very enjoyable.) and then email me at  As I said, I’m looking for suggestions and improvements or, if you think you have a good idea that could be included, shoot it by me as I’m all ears.