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Project Hougoumont to attend Salute 2011

Project Hougoumont will be attending Salute 2011. From their announcement:
At Salute this year Project Hougoumont will run a raffle and sell t-shirts to help raise funds for the restoration of the Hougoumont Farm, pivotal to the British defences at Waterloo. A t-shirt will cost £10 and will also give you one entry into the raffle. 1 entry will cost £2.00 and 3 entries for £5.00 If you buy a t-shirt and pay a further £5.00 you will get 5 entries instead of 4.
Prizes include;
  • A complete 15mm model of Hougoumont from Hovels For Models Ltd
  • 5 boxes of French miniatures from Victrix Ltd.
  • 5 boxes of British Miniatures from Victrix Ltd.
  • 3 boxes of Napoleonic figures from Perry Miniatures
  • boxes of Napoleonic figures from Perry Miniatures
  • boxes of Napoleonic figures from Warlord Games Ltd
  • 2 musket balls actually used in the Battle of Waterloo
  • a voucher from Grand Manner Ltd
  • a computer game & DVD combo donated by Carl King
  • Kr Multicase item
  • Selection of wargaming accessories from Renedra Ltd
  • A selection of Waterloo based prints donated by Steve Stanton
  • Items from Models For Sale (Raunds) Ltd
There will also be special prints signed by famous persons including the current Duke of Wellington which will be given away to anyone donating a set amount on the day. Please help us to continue our restoration of Hougoumont by supporting us if you attend salute this year. Thanking you in advance, Carl King Wargaming Representative for Project Hougoumon