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Project H.O.P.E. rpg on Kickstarter

Eastern Front Studios started up a Kickstarter in order to bring Project H.O.P.E. to an English-speaking audience.

From the campaign:

Another Kickstarter project by Eastern Front Studios after the successfully project of Dwarf Gladiator series. We opened this Kickstarter project in order to publish the English edition of the Project H.O.P.E. rpg manual, based on superheroes on WWII. In PH you'll be a superhero fighting against Nazi superhumans in a grim and dark Second World War.
Project H.O.P.E. was originally published in Italy in 2008, and what we are funding here is the English translation of the second edition of the game (published in Italy in 2011) and the dedicated line of miniatures. Here you can see two squads that will be released and the cover of the GM Screen