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Professional Racing Ops Deck Building Game up on Kickstarter

Professional Racing Ops is a new racing deck-building game that's up on Kickstarter and looking for funding.


From the campaign:

Professional Racing Ops (PRO) is a new and exciting tabletop deck building card game for two players. The objective of PRO is to prove that YOU are the best racer. Choose a vehicle that suits your strategy, upgrade it to your standards, and hit the track to let your driving do the talking. Whatever vehicle you choose to drive, each has an exclusive ability that sets it apart. In addition, each vehicle can be upgraded to improve top speed, acceleration, and handling. Upgrades not only improve performance, but certain upgrades may attract the attention of a sponsor. On the track, there is more to racing than what upgrades you have installed. You must also consider taking racing risks in order get ahead and prevent the other racer from getting ahead of you. Off the track, you can gain advantage by sneaking a peak at the track, raiding the Junk Yard for high performance parts (one mans trash is another mans treasure), or by forcing the other racer to reveal what is under their hood.

There are six races, six opportunities to prove that YOU have what it takes to be a PRO racer. After winning a race, players are awarded a trophy that gives special benefits to its owner. By the end of the game, only ONE racer can achieve PRO status: the racer with the most trophies. Will it be you?