Prodos Games shows off Crusher Alien for AvP Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 18th, 2013

Prodos Games has posted up their next stretch goal for Aliens Vs. predator and it’s a biggie.


From the update:

This is Rumour Control… Here are the facts.
So we have CRUSHED the last few stretch goals and as such, we feel that you guys deserve an exciting new add-on to choose!
So we present to you, the Alien Crusher! A large Xenomorph that is said to be almost bulletproof and charges into its foes causing massive blunt force trauma. With it’s heavily armoured crest, the Crusher is also able to severely damage armoured vehicles…

The Crusher is a substantial miniature in every sense. Bigger than even the Royal Guard, the Crusher comes on a 50mm base. As soon as they are unlocked, Crushers will be available at £30 per model as an Add-on.

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  • blkdymnd

    Wow, £30 for a 50mm based mini? Glad I didn’t jump on this, the whole thing is crazy pricey.

    • Ghool

      I was just about to say that. This entire campaign is crazy expensive.
      Although, that seems to be the Kickstarter trend of late.

  • Dr. Lecter

    100% agree! It´s veeery pricey! I´m in Total Extinction and the tank with a base of 100 mm is £18 and the design is great

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, I picked Total Extinction as well. It’s more of a squad level wargame, I didn’t need another Space Hulk with a cool IP. I play Dust, and was a huge fan of AT:43 when it was around. So, TE looks like it’ll hit those buttons pretty well with me. Just wish it’d fund faster 🙂

  • munce

    One thing these guys are battling with is the IP holders demands to bring in exactly what they want. If you are hesitant about coming in on this bear in mind it is the ‘premium’ version of the game that will be released later in 2014. This version has good quality resin minis and the general release version is likely to have softer plastic and the extra minis will not be released until 2015 (although they are likely to be resin).
    50mm-based mini yes but it is in several parts at measures up to 12cm in length (depending on how you assemble it).
    You either want the AvP game or not – simples. I do and am in the KS to get as many good quality preds and aliens as possible.

    • PanzerKraken

      There prices for “high quality” resin is still expensive, other companies are putting out high quality resin minis that aren’t so expensive. Is it a license issue? Because their WZ minis weren’t hugely different in price either and those didn’t have an expensive license attached. They are really unproven company as well and putting high prices on what they claim will be high quality items.

      For their wargame they will obviously have to release resin figs alone, which we will be able to buy at a discount online, so what exactly are we getting out of this kickstarter? Just stuff earlier. For a board game, I rather just wait for cheaper plastic version. If I’m going to get into the wargame, I rather wait to have options to buy what I want and not be forced into these expensive bundles.

  • surprize

    I don’t really see any motivation to get involved in Kickstarters like this one that are already funded. OK, so you get a few more minis than at retail, but by waiting for it to hit the shops you support your FLGS (or you get 10-20% off on the web) and more importantly you get to see whether the company can actually deliver high quality cast minis before you drop the money. To paraphrase Han Solo; casting minis ain’t like drawing concept art boy.