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Prodos Games shows off Crusher Alien for AvP Kickstarter

Prodos Games has posted up their next stretch goal for Aliens Vs. predator and it's a biggie.


From the update:

This is Rumour Control... Here are the facts.
So we have CRUSHED the last few stretch goals and as such, we feel that you guys deserve an exciting new add-on to choose!
So we present to you, the Alien Crusher! A large Xenomorph that is said to be almost bulletproof and charges into its foes causing massive blunt force trauma. With it's heavily armoured crest, the Crusher is also able to severely damage armoured vehicles...

The Crusher is a substantial miniature in every sense. Bigger than even the Royal Guard, the Crusher comes on a 50mm base. As soon as they are unlocked, Crushers will be available at £30 per model as an Add-on.