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Prodos Games limited space for people who want to still get in on AVP

Prodos Games has a few spots left for people that want to get in on the AVP game at Kickstarter prices.


From the post:

Hi There!
We have had a lot of interest in the Kickstarter Pre-order from people who unfortunately couldn't get involved, so just to let you know, we have limited spaces available for folks to take advantage of the Kickstarter Pre-Order prices. This is first come, first served and if you are interested, please email

In other news, we have some pretty amazing stuff! We have been very kindly allowed to create versions of the characters 'Major Dutch Schaefer' and 'Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa' from the Alien vs Predator arcade game. These characters will be a first for the AvP Miniatures Game, as there have been no named characters as of yet. These two characters will fit into our timeline and story, both serving in the USCM.

These characters are available as part of our Kickstarter pre-order and will be included in the Pledge Manager, a little Christmas surprise from us!