Prodos Games launches Alien vs. Predator Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Nov 8th, 2013

Prodos Games has launched their Alien vs. Predator Kickstarter campaign. It’s already more than 2x funded, so check it out now. It’s a rather short campaign, so don’t rest too long on your laurels.


From the campaign:

The Boxed Game AvP – The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven Board Game and Table Top War Game. A family game where 1 or more players can sit down and play through their own narrative and develop their own characters and objectives over many inter-linked games. Or players can sit down and play a ‘free for all’ with games like ‘Survival’, ‘Last human/Alien/Predator standing’, ‘capture the objective’ etc. filling an hour or two of your evening or raining Sunday afternoon.

But equally AvP – The Hunt Begins is a portal into the AvP Wargame, which will allow you to play as a Battalion of Colonial Marines, an entire nest of Aliens or a Hunt of Predators. The free AvP Wargame will be available to download and will be available in hardback form when the appropriate stretched goal is unlocked.

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  • Myrthe

    Is this one being fulfilled by CMON ?

    • blkdymnd

      It is being distributed in the US by them. Not manufactured. I was excited by it until it was a glorified Space Hulk looking game, that is just too expensive for my budget right now.

      • PanzerKraken

        Well it does come with the rules for the full wargame version as well.

  • tchuck

    What a lot of people did not understand or are not happy about is that this kickstarter is for a Deluxe Resin version of the game. So the price for the base game is higher then what you see in other KS. A retail version of the game will be available, in plastic, not resin, at the end of 2014.

    I have some of their miniatures from the Warzone kickstarter, and I am very happy with the quality.

    • 4tonmantis

      tchuck – Thanks for clarifying this! The models look great and I actually like the fact that it’s a Space Hulk style game. Hearing that there is a plastic version coming turned my disappointment into optimism.. so I’ll hang on.

      In the meantime.. whenever I get my Battle Systems terrain, I’ll be paring it with some classic Space Hulk rules for some fun times 😉

    • cybogoblin

      Where did you find the information about the plastic version of the game? I can’t see any mention of it on the Kickstarter, or the Facebook page.

      • It’s on the Kickstarter front page under item 7.

        If successful this KS project will
        allows Prodos Games Ltd to produce the
        AvP The Hunt Begins Board Game (which
        will be produced in standard plastic 1
        piece format for late 2014 release) in
        a bespoked and limited (to KS) fashion
        specifically for the model connoisseur
        and collector alike. We will utilize
        our Procast model making technique to
        make the high quality and detail
        multipose and official 28mm
        polyurethane miniatures of these
        seminal icons of screen and prose.

        • cybogoblin

          Ahh, so it is. Thanks for that.

  • PanzerKraken

    Expensive as hell for such little content. And it doesn’t help that they really don’t have any of the components for the game designed outside of the figures, everything else is just ugly placeholder pics of what your going to get.

    I was excited at the concept of a space hulk like AVP game, but the price is horrible

    • 4tonmantis

      See TChuck’s comment.. there is a plastic retail version coming next year.. so you and I were in the wrong line 😀

    • Like I wrote in the prior AVP post, the per figure price is close to £3 a pop in the main box for RESIN multipose figures. If the casting and quality is up to snuff – that is quite a reasonable price! For people like me that want the better quality stuff for painting and such this is not bad at all. If you know of any other company that puts out a package of equally good casts and cool IP in hand poured resin at this price point I am eager to hear about it.

      Also – you can wait for the general release mid-2014 that will probably be cheaper and have the simpler 1 to 2-piece figures in some other plastic.

  • joshuar56

    At those prices, no way. They are out of their minds.

    • Yeah I know – CMOT charges $12 a pop for their rank and file resin troops in Wrath of Kings. How dare Prodos charge less than $5 (5 figs at $24) for the equivalent! GRR Arrgh und so weiter.

      • To be fair, those “rank and file resin troops” were only ever meant to be preview resins and they weren’t expecting you to make huge armies out of them. If you wanted a couple to have, then fine, but it was never the idea that “ok, fellas, this is how you’re gonna have to buy your whole army, a single mini at a time for a whole ton of money.”

        • I love the resins, and would love to have 1 of each, but $12 for the cheap ones is too expensive to get the whole range. To be fair the Prodos resins are pretty much “preview” resins as well.

  • If anyone is interested in getting a free addon by being invited by a buddy – I’m game 🙂 (both parties get a free addon). You need to pledge at least £75 and write the KS name of the one who referred you in the comments

    My KS name is basement.dweller

    Shameless peddling I know, but I don’t mind a free addon and I am sure others don’t mind either.

    • They’ve changed the offer so everyone gets an extra if they reach 2000 backers.

      Also for the people that were hoping for a sweeter deal, there has been a few freebies unlocked so far, like a Berserker Predator.