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Pro Studio Brushes from Games & Gears shows off 5th stretch goal

Games & Gears is doing quite well on Kickstarter. They're showing off their next stretch goal.
And they want to make sure you all stay clean.

From the update:

"These were meant for a late 2013 release/2014 release. But no one cannot dispute nor deny the absolute power of the gaming community. Let us innovate once more together, let us lead the market by the people & for the people. They (the people) are the masters and we are here to serve. Great products, great quality followed by immense responsibility and demonstrated through great delivery. " - Creative Gamer

Delivery Time: July 2013.
Pictures displayed are prototypes.

Each Reward From £15.00GBP & above gets one of each of the Pro Studio Specialist 1 Brush & Pro Studio Master Brush Soap.

Pro Studio S1 is unique.
"This was created and made from suggestions of those among us who hath won Golden Demon awards and countless others."

This size 1 Pro Studio Specialist Brush has a custom built handle that is allot shorter in length (not thickness) than our traditional Pro Studio Brush handles,tailored for the wet blending specialists. Smaller than your traditional hobby brush in terms of handle length. Whilst maintaining our superior ferrule and Kolinsky sable hair. Great for those using wet blending techniques frequently on their miniatures. If you do not do wet blending, you just got another very cool size 1 Pro Studio Brush dual end which many of you have asked for an additional unique size 1 which we are proud to deliver. Our smaller handle length still maintains superior grip whilst enabling you to flick to either end faster. We have grown to love this Pro Studio S1 line. This was meant to be released later this year. But you keep breaking barriers and keep innovating the market with your backing.

Games & Gears Pro Studio Master Brush Soap 40g
This custom made Pro Studio Master brush soap is the start for your Pro Studio care line. Where you use the circle area of the Pro Studio Master Brush soap to clean your brushes. Apply water to your brush and the indented circle area to clean, condition and extend the life of your high quality Pro Studio Brushes. This great quality care product is crafted to insure you have the best care for your Pro Studio sets. Both set products were meant for release end of this year. But you now get to sample these first and once level 5 is unlocked. If you want to purchase multiples of these they will be available in the optional load section once unlocked.