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Privateer Previews Crucible Guard Storm Troopers Art For Warmachine

Privateer Press will be having their Lock & Load Gamefest soon. There, people will be able to get previews of all the cool things they've been working on. But some stuff they're showing off in order to get you excited about L&L. Makes sense. In this case, we're getting a look at the artwork for the Crucible Guard Storm Troopers, as well as the process that went into making them.

From the post:

The unit I want to talk about is the Crucible Guard’s heavy infantry, the Crucible Guard Storm Troopers. These troopers, like many of the Guard’s members, serve a purpose both on and off the battlefield. At peace, they are first responders—trained and equipped to deal with the sorts of alchemical disasters that occur during the course of the Order’s experiments. At war, they are well-protected shock troops wielding advanced weapons.

When I read over their initial description, they were to be clad in heavy, sealed armor with extra filtration and breathing equipment. Their gear included alchemical grenade launchers and heavy picks suited for either digging through rubble or punching holes in armor.