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Privateer Press to release new Warmachine and Hordes army box starters

Privateer Press has announced that they'll be coming out with new "complete army" starter boxes for both Warmachine and Hordes in February.


From the report:

Privateer Press will release new entry-point armies for both Warmachine and Hordes, its popular miniature games, in February. The limited edition armies are intended as introductory offers for new players, and contain at least $200 worth of product for a much lower MSRP.

The Warmachine: All-in-One-Army Box-Khador contains a complete 35-point army as well as a rulebook and strategy cards. The box includes the following models: Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff, Spriggan, Demolisher, War Dog, Widowmakers, Winter Guard Infantry & Rocketeers, Winter Guard Officer & Standard, Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich, and Lady Aiyana & Master Holt. MSRP is $134.99.

The Hordes: All-in-One Army box--Skorne contains a 35-point army, a rulebook and strategy cards. The box contains the following models: Supreme Archdomina Makeda, Molik Karn, Titan Gladiator, Praetorian Swordsmen, Cataphract Incindiarii, Paingiver Beast Handlers and Aptimus Marketh. MSRP is $134.99.