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Privateer Press Seeks Social Media Coordinator

Social Media. Not too long ago, nobody knew what that was. I remember having to have my Kansas State University e-mail address verified before Facebook would let me get an account there. And back then, all you really did on it was talk to other people in your same classes about what assignments were due and when. Now, I'm on it all the time, looking for gaming news. Companies hire experts who focus solely on social media and what it can do to grow the company. Speaking of which, Privateer Press is looking for one of those.

Though more than just someone who hangs out on Facebook and Twitter all day, there's a lot of work involved with the position, including doing research about what is and isn't working, evaluating trends in Social Media, looking for new Social Media resources, evaluating potential reviewers for Privateer Press products, managing their forums (been there, done that), and more.

If you've got what it takes, send in a resume.