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Privateer Press Seeks Resin Mold Maker

You've maybe been looking for a while to get into the gaming industry. But you don't feel you'd make a good salesperson. Or maybe you just prefer to work with your hands. Well, Privateer Press is looking to hire a new Resin Mold Maker. That might just be up your alley.

From the announcement:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The resin mold maker is a full-time entry-level position. The primary duties are to assist the resin mold making department. These duties include but are not limited to:

• Cleaning masters
• Spruing masters for mold lay-up
• Designing mold lay-up schemes for difficult parts
• Troubleshooting mold performance problems
• Minimizing material usage and labor costs
• Maximizing efficiency of molds and their creation
• Soliciting feedback from casting department to improve molds
• Other duties as necessary