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Privateer Press Seeks No Quarter Magazine Assistant

Privateer Press' No Quarter magazine is your look inside the world of everything that the company is working on. There's often previews of new Warmachine and Hordes models. You've got lots of photos of great-looking miniatures. There's fluff articles that let you delve into Western Immoren. Then there's looks at the other games that Privateer makes, like the Level 7 series. If you'd like to be part of the whole process behind creating the publication, now's your chance. Privateer is seeing a No Quarter Magazine Assistant.

So, what would you be doing? Well, besides the basic proofing and editing, you will also help generate content for the magazine. That might include articles like News from the Front, any sort of painting challenges, or player galleries. You'll also be in charge of tracking articles from concept through writing and delivery, editing, proofing, and printing. Other tasks include keeping track of the magazine's subscriber database.