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Privateer Press Seeks Hobby Specialist & Terrain Maker

Something a little different for you to put in an application for with this one. Privateer Press is looking to hire a new Hobby Specialist and Terrain Maker. So if you're not really one for rules-making, or don't particularly think you're good at coming up with concept art, you might check this one out if you're good at putting together figures and making terrain (gross oversimplification is gross).

From the announcement:

This position’s primary duties include a variety of hobby projects such as building terrain for photography and conventions. Other duties include painting miniatures, updating and maintaining parts for the online store, and any needs as required by the Studio Director.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

- Concepting, building, and painting hobby terrain for No Quarter magazine articles, product photography and tournament tables
- Maintaining terrain inventory and upkeep
- Prepping terrain for transport to various conventions. This may include sourcing and/or building crate solutions to ensure materials arrive safely and securely
- Army Painting and matching existing model color schemes
- Writing hobby articles for No Quarter magazine and the Privateer Press website
- Able to teach core hobby and terrain concepts in a classroom or one-on-one setting