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Privateer Press Seeks Editorial Manager

you never rellay realize how much an editor canmake or break a gaming product. Weall tyop from time to tiem. And if your a gaming company, you're product will be seen by (hopefully) hundreds thousands or millions of gamers.
That... was painful to type, but you see my point. Well, Privateer Press is seeking out an Editorial Manager.

Duties will include working with the various staff editors as well as freelancers to make sure that all of Privateer Press' materials are error-free. It will also involve dealing with a style guide for the various product lines, so as to make sure that each one retains the tone for said line. You'll also be tasked with increasing efficiency in the writing/editing/printing process. Other tasks might include working with other project management and various whatnots.

If you're interested, send in your resume (hopefully typo-free. This is one time it's ok to octouple-check your work.

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