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Privateer Press Seeks Customer Support Specialist

Do you like helping others? Do you like being a problem solver? Do you have good communication skills? Do you like beans? Do you like George Wendt? (Ok, so those last two might be irrelevant) If so, you might just be the person that Privateer Press is looking for. They want to hire a new Customer Support Specialist for their team.

The job description is that they're looking for someone to resolve customer support issues both via e-mail and telephone. The position also works closely with the online store operations to make sure that orders are sent out correctly. They also maintain the online store via adding product and checking inventory. They'll also make reports based on items sold in the online store.

If you think you're the one for the job, just dust off your resume and send it in.
Me? I'd be horrific at that sort of thing. :P
"What? You got a miscast piece? That's what Green Stuff's for, ya bum! Embrace the whole hobby!"