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Privateer Press Running Warjack-O-Lantern Contest

So it's officially autumn (or... you know... spring). We're just a couple days from October. So while I know a lot of people (myself included) have already been enjoying "pumpkin spice" ... everything... those hold-outs who think that we were celebrating early are ready to join in. Privateer Press is joining in as well, wanting to see if you hobbyists out there have skills in other creative works besides model-building and painting.

They want to see your Iron Kingdoms-inspired pumpkins. Be it a warjack or warbeast or a favorite solo or whatever, they want to see it put in orange on a pumpkin. They're giving out prizes, too, in the form of limited-edition pins. So grab your knives and get carving (and don't forget to roast up the seeds. They're yum-tasty!).