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Privateer Press Reveals Skorne Desert Hydra Model

In February at SmogCon 2015, Privateer Press showed a sneak peek of the next wave of gargantuans for the Hordes line. One of those massive minis was the Desert Hydra for Skorne. Well, today, the team brought along the actual model to Adepticon 2015! That's right, it does exist outside of the teaser video. And it look gorgeous, especially with Matt Diepietro's paint job. For more about the Desert Hydra and pictures of the model, check after the break!

This five headed monster will reek havoc on the battlefield with five initial attacks (biting or spitting acid) thanks to the Multiple Heads ability. Privateer hasn't revealed a price or a release date yet, but if you're at Adepticon this weekend, swing by their booth to check it out. If you're not able to make it, here are a couple pictures we took for you and the SmogCon reveal video!