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Privateer Press Previews September Releases For Warmachine/Hordes

We're just over halfway through June. It's getting really hot outside. Personally, I'm looking forward to this fall. Why? That's my secret. I'm always looking forward to fall. But I know a lot of other people are looking forward to this fall because the Grymkin are going to be making their way to tabletops in games of Warmachine and Hordes. Well, Privateer Press is showing off what'll be coming out in the month of September, and I figured you'd like to take a peek.

From the announcement:

The last of the Defiers to spurn Menoth, the Heretic is a self-styled god who rebelled against his creator. Believing all are able to become divine, he fashioned himself into a paragon of his own distorted virtues. Now the Heretic wishes to dethrone the God of Man and free all of his creation from his laws.

Traveling the unknown parts of Caen, the Wanderer once wished only to go where he pleased—until his confinement within the depths of Urcaen drove him mad. Now freed from that hell, he roams the world seeking those marked by sin to deliver upon them his own twisted and tortuous justice.

Having released the godlike Defiers from Urcaen to suit her own ends, Zevanna Agha has many plans in motion. Only time will reveal her true goals, but for now she is content to join in the chaos the grymkin bring. Her hope is that those fated for greatness will be strengthened by the crucible of the Wicked Harvest and that the Defiers will aid in forestalling an otherwise imminent doom.

Born of the deepest fears of The Child, the frightmare is a mélange of horrors embodying all that is wrong in the world. Staggering onto the battlefield, it disgorges foul bile to punish the enemies of the grymkin, so that even a victory against them is tainted with foulness.

Hideously transformed for their transgressions against others, murder crows creep into the battles of the Wicked Harvest to reap a deadly toll. Appearing seemingly from nowhere, these unnatural assassins are adept at singling out and eliminating vital targets to aid the armies of the grymkin.

Mad caps are particularly volatile imps that congregate around a portable still. These hedonistic grymkin gleefully hurl volatile bottles of flammable moonshine at anyone foolish enough to wander near their raucous merriment. Unfortunates who quaff the liquor from their still are quickly transformed into speedy and unstable cask imps.

Living testaments to the dangers of overindulgence, piggybacks serve as a cautionary tale to all who would surrender to the pleasures of the flesh. The hogs chuff gleefully over the tormented moaning of their withered mounts—tortured souls who must forevermore bear their crushing burdens in battle for the Wicked Harvest of the grymkin.

Bound together as a witchwood, the woman and the ancient timber seduce victims with lilting song and fruits freely given, turning stouthearted allies against one another in jealousy. Any who take axe or torch to a witchwood soon find how easily their flesh tears in the tree’s gnarled grasp.

To all the wastrel nobles in the Iron Kingdoms, Lord Longfellow is a terrifying specter. With stunning accuracy, this arachnoid gentleman guns down those audacious enough to hold themselves in higher regard than their fellows, serving as a not-so-gentle reminder of one’s place in the world.

Author Richard Lee Byers (Black Dogs) brings back the Black River Irregulars for the second novel in their exciting series!

The Black River Irregulars has made a name for itself as a mercenary company that gets things done regardless of the risk. They know the streets of Corvis, the City of Ghosts, better than anyone. But they aren’t in Corvis anymore.
When the Black River Irregulars take on a job in the war-torn nation of Llael, they quickly get in over their heads. What begins as a simple search for an antique book becomes a fight for their lives when the Nightmare Empire of Cryx sends its own agents to seize the book. Amid this chase the BRI is also forced to deal with a specter from their past, to evade the Northern Crusade, and to uncover the dark latent power within a trio of ancient Umbrean crowns. How they handle what should have been a simple job threatens their very souls.

We’re reinventing No Quarter in September as No Quarter Prime! With issue #1 arriving in September, No Quarter Prime will be the most comprehensive and indispensable home for exclusive WARMACHINE and HORDES content. This ad-free, 112-page, bimonthly publication will be jam-packed with game content you can put right on the table and rich lore that expands your knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms.

In each issue you will find:

• Robust theme force features, with theme force rules, the background and organization of these fighting forces, the introduction of new units and heroes, their weapons and equipment, alternate color schemes for thematic units, new scenarios, and hobby features.
• The Fire & the Forge, a feature dedicated to chronicling the epic WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas from the beginning, using both narrative and essay form to deliver a comprehensive overview of the world-changing events that shaped the Iron Kingdoms and beyond.
• After Action Report, in which the WARMACHINE and HORDES development team will share their thoughts and insights on updates and changes made to models in Community Integrated Development. After Action Report will also be the first place to see the final version of model stats after they have been tested in CID.
• Hostile Territory, a feature on the iconic geography and landmarks of Immoren. You’ll find in-depth information on each location, as well as a multiplayer scenario based on that location, a guide for making battlefield elements iconic of that location, and in-game rules for those elements.
• A new playable experience, ranging from all-new self-contained games you can play with your WARMACHINE and HORDES models to campaigns, expansion rules, and Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures.
• And so much more, including pages of all-new art, beautiful model and diorama photography, hobby and painting content, and more!

No Quarter Prime #1 will ship poly-bagged with a free, exclusive figure for use in WARMACHINE & HORDES.