Privateer Press previews Prime Axiom for Convergence of Cyriss

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 26th, 2013

Privateer Press is showing off the Prime Axiom colossal for the Convergence of Cyriss.

Also, and I know we don’t do video games here on TGN, they’ve announced an upcoming Kickstarter to fund a new video game. Press release here.

From the preview:

The Prime Axiom inspires awe and fear among the armies of the Iron Kingdoms. The thrum of energy cycling through it is nearly deafening as the machine hovers over the battlefield. Its multiple weapon systems rip through screening troops, dismantle warjacks, and send servitors deep into the heart of battle. To confront a Prime Axiom is to behold the inevitability of the Great Work and the terrifying power made possible by the guiding hand of Cyriss.

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  • Nosaj Verush

    I REALLY want to like the Convergence stuff. The fluff is great. But, I find many of the releases less than satisfying. Unlike Cygnar, which I almost always like. I guess the aesthetic is off for me. And the rock underneath on this one is well, ich. If I do decide to get into Convegence, that rock is definitely gettin replaced with a Corsec steel rod.

  • Why does it have that large pile of poo coming out from under it?

    Just makes it look ugly.

    • GreenJello

      The model needs something to support it in the air, since it’s supposed to look like it’s hovering.

      Whether or not those rocks are the best way to do that is another question.

    • Soulfinger

      The poo represents the collective response of the enemy upon seeing this juggernaut take to the field. It is also symbolic of this model’s capacity for kicking said poo. That is, after all, 90% more poo than is present on most Warmachine bases. At it’s most philosophic level, the poo challenges the viewer to question the inherent value of the medium in which the model has been cast. It is a bold artistic statement about the industry itself, challenging us to question exactly how many of the miniatures in our own collections are indeed poo.

      • KelRiever

        Do you think there will be an uproar at the copious amounts of poo on this model? Followed by a backlash of defenders of poo as art? You know, like on scantily clad models of disproportinate women? And then, will the poo come with an optional belly shirt?

        • I have no idea what is going on here or if I should be moderating any of it or not…

          • Soulfinger

            The funniest part being that you now have to determine TGN’s official stance on poo and poo-related comments. Will future images of the Prime Axiom have a black box obfuscating the immense poo mound on which it sits or will clicking on the image link to German schei├če videos like it does on the Privateer Press website?

      • Reminds me of Piero Manzoni

  • CaffeineBoy

    Yeah… much as I like the rest of the model and the rest of the Cyriss line (especially those FREAKIN’ angels), Poo Mountain must die. Who in PP’s sculpting department could have possibly thought that was a good idea?

    On the upside, there are many pictures on the PP boards that show conversions using servitor flying base stands (one per antigrav-hover-unit-leg-pod-whatever) and they look brilliant. So, yeah. It’s fixable. And when you’re putting that much work in (Colossi in general), what’s a bit of rebasing?