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Privateer Press Previews November Releases For Warmachine/Hordes

Well, yesterday we had some new releases from Privateer Press. Now it's time to look ahead to what they'll be getting you in a couple months for Warmachine and Hordes. And those things are big, very big. Like, biggest of the big, big. Let's take a look.

Starting out, Khador is getting their new combined Colossal Warjack kit, the Conquest/Victor (the goat?). As if that wasn't enough big stuff for Khador, the Hammerfall Siege Crawler will also work for them, as well as for Cygnar and Mercenaries. This is one that dwarf players have been waiting for for a while (trust me). The Mercenaries are also getting a new Trencher solo (and his cat). Though, still true to his Trencher roots, he can also work for Cygnar.

So, that's Warmachine. What about Hordes? Well, there's another resculpt coming. This time around it's Megalith. Then there's a new combined unit, with the Farrow Brigands/Commandos. Legion is getting themselves a new Blighted Nyss Warlord solo model, and Skorne add to their rank and file with the new Praetorian Karax Commander & Standard unit attachment.

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