Privateer Press previews new Trollkin Warders

By Polar_Bear
In Hordes
May 8th, 2013

Privateer Press is showing off new Trollkin Warders over on their website.
They’ve also got a new plastic Bouncer model up as well.

From the preview:

Trollkin warders dedicate their lives to the defense of not just their chieftains and shamans, but also the kith and kin least able defend themselves. When warders take up defensive arms, they do so with zealous fervor. Shouting the words of their oath and the battle cries of their kriels, they challenge any who would dare harm those they are sworn to protect.

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  • Bellygrub

    As a Trollkin player I have to agree with Witt. It really would be nice to get some more poses. Especially with the larger trollkin models where it tends to stick out more on the tabletop.

  • Ghool

    The old bouncer looked waaaaaay better…..

    • Yes he did, but the new bouncer would be okay if I didn’t already have three trolls from the starter box with that same body.

      I guess there’s no reason to not convert my second impaler to be a bouncer now though.

  • Schmapdi

    It’s something that annoys me too. Especially as they move to plastic kits. It can’t be that hard/expensive to sculpt two more heads to toss in the box. Repeats in a box of 10 is acceptable, albeit regrettable. Repeats in a 5 man unit smacks of not trying.

    I do like these though, and it’s always nice to see more plastic from PP.

    • wittdooley

      Heads and weapons. Boom. Done. Happy customer.

  • I’m not so much bothered by the repeated poses than by the cartooniness of the sculpts. I want my trolls fierce, not funny.

  • It’s ok to post that you like something in a news post. It’s ok to post that you don’t like something in a news post.

    But when it gets into personal back-and-forths between people, that’s when comment deletions happen.

    • wittdooley

      You may as well delete Bellygrubs comment to as it is now completely without context.

  • wittdooley

    Don’t blame me. 😀